Automation Consulting

I’ve helped teams and companies like yours save over 1000 person-hours per year ($100k+/year). Here are some examples of time savings I made:

You are likely losing time and money every day right now at your company. I can identify these losses for you and create a detailed report with recommendations. You can then choose to implement them yourself, hire someone else, or hire me. If you want to stop losing time and money, my email is my first name @

Rails app upgrades and maintenance

Do you have an old Rails app that needs to continue running in production, but you don’t have the time or people to keep it up to date? I’ve updated and maintained multiple Rails apps over the past 9 years, including some with millions of users.

Note that I only maintain apps that have an existing robust test suite, or a dedicated QA team. Writing tests is not a service I provide at this time.

If you need ongoing Rails app maintenance, contact me via email at my first name @