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During our Code for America Fellowship, Sophia Parafina, Anselm Bradford, and I collaborated with the Human Services Agency in San Mateo County, CA to increase access to human services for residents in need. We built an open source platform called Ohana API that allows government, nonprofits, and community members to collaborate in maintaining a database of human services organizations, and allows developers to build impactful applications using this open data.

Our work was featured in several media outlets and was one of the winners of the Knight News Challenge for Health. We received a grant from the Knight Foundation to continue developing Ohana API in 2014.

I wrote all of the code and documentation for the API, the back-end code for the Web Search interface, some of the code for the Ruby API wrapper, and all of the code for the SMS app.

A live instance of the Web Search that we built for San Mateo County is up and running at

As the team spokesperson, I presented our project along with the Director of the San Mateo County Human Services Agency at the Code for America Summit in October 2013, and at the Healthy Communities Data Summit in May 2013 (see the Talks page).

Tools used: Sublime Text, iTerm, oh-my-zsh, Homebrew, RVM, Git, Gitbox, GitHub, Slack, Postgres, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcachier, Rails, Ruby, Heroku, New Relic, Unicorn, Puma.


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