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Most people don’t realize how much time they waste doing repetitive tasks on their devices. They either don’t think it’s worth automating something that only takes a few seconds, or they don’t know how.

My goal is to save you as much time as possible so you can spend it on what matters most to you.

Through my automation guides, you’ll see how all those seconds can add up to days wasted every year, and you’ll get your time back with easy-to-use tools, many of which require no coding.

About once a month, I send out an automation tutorial that will make you more productive. You’ll save hours with each issue. I also write about being a solopreneur, and building helpful things with Ruby.

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What people say about the newsletter

I liked your idea about the “paste by typing” macro, I have used it twice this week already! - Kyle Ridolfo


Awesome resources that you have written, incredible… - Sam Rieder


I subscribed because I’m teaching myself Ruby and I was impressed by some of your posts. - Roger D. Hodge


Your articles have been super helpful with it’s detailed explanations. Especially the “Why you should never use sudo to install Ruby gems” I came across so many stackoverflow articles advising to use sudo, a team member told me I shouldn’t have to run sudo, but your article went into detail and gave me a greater depth of understanding. - Tanisha Payne


So glad I finally stumbled on your web site, and many thanks for putting together the instructions and scripts. - Myk Deans