Daily Note - December 13, 2021


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I’m new to Obsidian and love how with Shortcuts ToolBox Pro, I can create new scans, notes, and web clippings, ask where to store everything, and then have the file open in Obsidian. My most complex shortcut creates a scan in ToolBox Pro, changes the quality to a smaller file size in, saves the image to the Shortcuts temp folder, asks for a title of the doc, creates a new doc with the date and title, saves to temp, asks where I want the note, Toolbox Pro copies the note to the proper folder in Obsidian and files the pic in attachments, the temp files get deleted, and then the note title is turned into an x-callback URL to open the note in Obsidian. The one hiccup I’ve encountered is that it in most of my shortcuts like this, I need to open Obsidian to index the note, then open shortcuts to finish the script, and then launch the x-callback command. I tried a timeout timer instead of returning to shortcuts, but it didn’t work and this way is faster. The back and forth between the apps is all in the shortcut, so I just have to watch.


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